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Get Government Contracts for your Company

It's time to Win Government Contracts with Federal, State and Local agencies and finally grow your business. We help you step by step through the registration, certifications, researching & proposals, bidding and landing the contract.  


There are federal contracts available for anything, from construction, coffee cups and towels to disaster-relief efforts, airplane parts, training, admin and office space. And the federal government is set up to make it easy for small businesses to compete with large businesses (known as prime vendors). Minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses often have the advantage, because the federal government each year earmarks a percentage of their planned contract awards to these types of small businesses.

The more experienced you are, the easier it is to land a government contract, but landing a government contract without having much experience is difficult, and sometimes impossible. For over 15 years, A Rich Innovations, LLC has been connecting small business with government purchasing solutions.  So if you want to get a federal contract, our team is here to help.

What We Offer:
Sam Registration
Set-Aside Certifications
Capability Statement 

Proposal Writing & Bidding
Contract Consulting
Contract Financing
and more....

Are you Ready to Take Action?
Hi, I'm April Hogan, founder and visionary of A Rich Innovations, LLC (a government contract registered company and WOSB).

I have personally assisted and coached companies through the process of registering and landing their first, of many, government contracts. This is my transparent moment. If you are not currently taking advantage of government contracts for your business, you are literally letting money slip through your fingers.

The most common reason that owners are not taking advantage of government contracting is because they are not sure what to do. This is where I help. 

As a minority owned, woman-owned, and veteran owned small business owner; I realized how difficult it can be to get ahead of the game. I also realize the importance of having a steady income and a steady flow paying customers in order to stay in business. I want to teach you how to take advantage of the money and resources available to you and to your business. 

Set up your Needs Discovery  today to see how we can help your business take land a contract.

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