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Top 20 list of some of the key government contracting sectors

Updated: Apr 7

1. Defense and Aerospace

2. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

3. Information Technology

4. Construction and Infrastructure

5. Energy and Environment

6. Education and Training

7. Transportation and Logistics

8. Research and Development

9. Security and Law Enforcement

10. Telecommunications

11. Financial Services

12. Professional Services (consulting, legal, etc.)

13. Manufacturing

14. Agriculture and Food Services

15. Real Estate and Property Management

16. Environmental Services

17. Architecture and Engineering

18. Janitorial and Maintenance

19. Printing and Publishing

20. Textiles and Apparel

This is a small list of industries that cover a broad spectrum of goods and services that governments at various levels (local, state, and federal) procure to fulfill their missions and serve their citizens. The specific industries that receive government contracts can vary depending on government priorities and needs.

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