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Get the money you need for your next project.

1. Get approved in 24 - 48 hours

2. Cash deposited within 5 - 7 days

3. Minimum 650 credit score

4. No upfront fees or prepayment penalties

5. $10k - $400K in funding

Additional Loan Options


Unsecured Personal Loan Program

Get the money you need for your next project with our Unsecured Personal Loan Program. Use the cash for what you need them for and get funded in 5-7 days. Minimum 650 credit score with verifiable income to qualify.


Secure Loan & Credit Line Program

Earn and shape your credit approval. With WiseGrow FI Secure Loan & Credit Programs, we provide approvals based on earned relationships rather than credit alone.


Funding Shark Loan Program

Need Funding Now and you don't meet the 650 credit score requirement? With Funding Shark program our team negotiates with the lenders on your behalf by helping you clear the items they absolutely cannot work with. With the Funding Shark we can guarantee funding in 30 - 45 days, even if you do not meet the requirements. 

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