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Preventative Protection for What Really Matters.

Hardship SafeGuard Protection helps safeguard your life in times of unexpected hardship.

We know unexpected events can create stress, uncertainty and potentially a big financial rough patch. When unexpected life events leave you at risk of being unable to honor your financial commitments, the Hardship SafeGuard Protection Plan can help you and your family when you need it most. 

Unlike a 401(K), you can utilize the Hardship SafeGuard Protection Plan with no penalties and without having to worry about repayment that can push you further into hardship. We’re offering simple, budget-friendly hardship coverage solutions—to help protect you from worrisome costs so you can focus on your family when you need to most. Hardship SafeGuard provides coverage plans for individuals, families, as well as small businesses. Coverage provides financial benefits which can be used for living expenses. Our goal is to help prevent further hardship rather than expecting you to be almost on the street before help arrives.


We're Here

When You Need Us.

Benefits of the Hardship SafeGuard Protection Plans
No Penalties
No Deductible
Nothing to Pay Back
Peace of Mind During Hard Times
Protect Your Families Way of Life
Hardship SafeGuard Premium Payments Stop During the Claim Period

When life gives you setbacks, Hardship SafeGuard help you stay on track.

Types of Hardships covered in the Protection Plan.
Mortgage & Rent Payments
Utility Payments
Car Payment
Car Insurance Payment
Credit Card
Child Care
Food & Gas
Small Business Plans include hardships related to small businesses and small business owners.
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Coverage Options

Hardship Protection Plans

Invest today for a greater tomorrow.


The Personal Hardship SafeGuard Plan includes coverage for only the primary coverage holder, up to the amount covered in your chosen membership plan for hardship associated with the member.


The Family Hardship SafeGuard Plan includes coverage for the primary coverage holder and the legal spouse, up to the amount covered in your chosen membership plan. In this plan you have the option to add additional adults up to the age of 21, as long as they are your children and still living in the household, for an additional charge to your plan.

Small Business

The Small Business Hardship SafeGuard Plan includes coverage for the small business and the small business owner whom is the primary coverage holder, up to the amount covered in your chosen membership plan.


How prepared are you to cover unexpected expenses in the case of a hardship.

Sixty percent of Americans have less than $1,000 to spend on out-of-pocket expenses. When an unexpected hardship arises, normal costs like these can become hard to manage. During these times, you can count on Hardship SafeGuard. See how we can help you protect your way of life and your family.

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Hardship Strikes

You lose your job or get hurt, or there is a temporary layoff due to Covid. Unexpected hardships are difficult to plan around because we never know when they will happen.



Bills Due

In the event of an unexpected hardship, bills do not stop coming. Unless you have a hefty savings account, this could compromise your families financial situation and way of life.



Hardship SafeGuard delivers

Hardship SafeGuard pays you cash benefits in the event of a hardship, helping to  ease the financial stress of your hardship.

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